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July 12, 2012
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You are just starting highschool, and you start out mostly talking to your best friend.      You find out you have classes with her too. You're looking at the list of students and       you see a new name on the list. You weren't familiar with.

Since your school is a small campus, everyone knows you, and you know them. And       you are pretty curoius about this new guy. 'what is this guy like? Who is he?' you           kept thinking to your self.

"Hey! ______, i think that's the new guy over there." your best friend points to           where the school's coffee stand is. and you notice he's alone, and he pretty much         sicks out. A LOT. he's looking around, as if he is lost. then you started thinking.         'maybe i could show him around.' you have no problem showing new people around,     since you already know the school like the back of your hand, even if you are just a freshman.

"_______. are you okay?" your best friend looks at you for a few seconds, and        randomly

"Oooohhh! I see now! You like the new guy." you said nothing, you just got really embarrased since she was right on target.

"But, i don't think that he would like me." your best friend looks at you in disbelief.

"if he don't like you he can just go to hell!... but i bet he will like you." you look at           her, and your face is burning. You see her smiling warmly at you.

"R-really?" you look at her, a liitle disbelief in your eyes.

"Yeah! He'd be pretty insane for not liking a girl as beautiful as you!" you smile                 at her, and you have more confedence.

"_______, lets see if he wants to hang out with us and our friends until we go to          class." You look at her, then him over at the coffee stand.

"O-okay." you feel your cheeks starting to burn.

"Great! Your asking since you like him!" she pulls you over there and randomly               stops. 'why'd she s-' you realize she wanted you to go up to him by your self when           she is at least in hearing distance.

"N-no! I-I can't do it alone!"

"C'mon! Have more comfedence!" she gently shoves you over to hime. you look        around, and gives you a look, as if she was trying to say, "Go for it! It's not or never!"

You turn around and walked up to him.

"Uh, hi, you're new here, right? Do you wanna hangout with my friends and i until             we have to go to class?" he look at you, and you notice that he has neither a smile          nor a frown on his face. You start thinking, 'I'm so stupid! What if he just wants to            be alone?! What if he wants to hang out the the damn preps instead?! I'm SO          STUPID!'

You keep think that that is the way he felt, and imideatly lost confedince, until....

"Sure." he says to you, with the same expressionless face. Not a smile or frown.              Sort of wierd to you, since a lot of people around you has some type of expression     showing how they feel. You just didn't know what he might be thinking, or feeling.

You look at him with shock, "R-realy?"

"Yeah, why not?" you look at him for a moment, then call to your friends.

"HEY! Name of Best friend, get the others and lets go outside for a while!" turn to           face him, then you hive him your best smile.

"Come on, we're going outside if thats fine with you." you didn't relize that your            smile took his breath away, and he was doing his best not to show how              embarrassed he was.


You are outside with him and your friends. you feel kind of wierd becuase of the             type of stuff you and your friends talk about, and feel he might think you are just         weird.

"Uh, hey! How about we talk about something else? Or maybe play Truth or Dare              on the IPad?" you say to your friends, you hope they understand how you feel.

"I'm okay with what your all talking about. I'm actually a bit intereted in this      conversation you guys are hiving." you look at him with shock.



Your best friend, ______ jumps in the conversation with you.

"So, whats your name? I'm Friend'sname, _____'s best friend."

"I'm Sasori." he looks off into nowhere, and you start wondering why he doesn't             even look at you.

"Oh! _____, I'm going to go to dress up as *Anime character* for halloween this           year, What about you?"

"Ummmm. I really don't know. Maybe _______"

"Cool. Hey, did you read that book i told you about?"

"Yeah, it was really good. I loved it!" you tell NameofBestFriend with an excited              look.

"What book?" Sasori asks you.

"Well, its called Namofabook."

"oh." He looks away, and seems to be lost in thought.

Just when you were about to ask him something, the bell for class rings.

'oh damn it! i was going to see if he wanted to check the book out and see if he was       even interested in it.'

"______, can i borrow the book you guys were talking about?" you look at him,             then you relize that you don't need to worry about wondering whether or not he was interested.

"Okay, here!" you give him the book, then you all go to your classes.


Sorry if this is bad! it's my first i have ever done!

PT1: :iconsasoriplz:
PT2: [link]
PT3: [link]
PT4: [link]
PT5: [link]
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